Craftmore starts its journey

Thu Oct 26 2023 Written by Michel van Velde
Craftmore animation still

Craftmore starts its journey at Utrechtinc which feels like coming home!

Sixteen years ago, as newborn entrepreneurs we founded and bootstrapped our first agency and were invited to reside at a startup incubator in Utrecht called Utrechtinc. What we did not know at the time was that our agency would become an award winning agency and that we would grow to about 50 employees. Utrechtinc crafted a space where creativity was cherished, innovation was the norm and had a positive impact on society. Our growth over the years was exponential, and it’s all thanks to the robust foundation laid in the beginning. We owe our success to the inspirational environment and the supportive community of this incubator. Today, we are excited to announce our return to the very place where it all began — the esteemed startup incubator, Utrechtinc.

For us, this move signifies more than just a start at a location; it’s a homecoming. A return to the soil where the first seeds of our entrepreneurial spirit were sown, the very place where our dreams took shape and transformed into success.

Honoring Our Roots

Our journey started in the corridors of Utrechtinc in 2006, amidst a community that believed in fostering innovation, nurturing startups, and paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs. The spirit of Utrechtinc instills in us a sense of possibility, a sense that we can innovate and make a significant difference in the world of digital design. We honor our roots by supporting the young and new wave of entrepreneurs by sharing our learnings, our successes and ofcourse also the failures.

Welcoming a New Era

Today, as we return to Utrechtinc, we do so with the same passion, the same creative energy, and the same commitment to excellence that we had when we first started. However, this time, we carry with us the weight of experience, the learnings from our journey, and a renewed perspective on the world of creative digital design. We have been warmly welcomed back by the Utrechtinc team, a testament to the bonds formed over a shared vision and mutual respect. As we are about to settle into our new office space, we are eager to once again draw from the dynamic energy of this incubator and also share over 16 years of experience with the other startups. Being back at Utrechtinc means having access to a hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and cutting-edge ideas.

We’re confident this will further fuel our creativity and lead us to design more groundbreaking, impactful, and meaningful digital experiences for our clients. We extend a heartfelt thanks to the Utrechtinc community for welcoming us back with open arms. This new chapter of our story, written in the familiar corridors of Padualaan 8, promises to be our most exciting one yet. Here’s to a future where creativity has no bounds, innovation knows no limits, and every design tells a compelling story. Welcome to our new home!